Hi. I’m Geoffrey Bray. You can call me Geoff. I have the distinct honor of being the co-owner and broker of Engel & Völkers Minneapolis, which happens to be home to the best Real Estate Advisors in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. In fact, we might be the only group of licensed real estate professionals who actually take immense pride in the fact that we advise our clients, instead of selling stuff to them. I like to say that we don’t like to ‘agent’ our clients, but we prefer to ‘advise’ them instead. Welcome the Engel & Völkers Real Estate Advisor!

I started my career on a whim with some sort of 25-year-old ‘complex’ that I could make the entire industry better. My first experience with real estate was buying a property as a consumer. The process was frankly unimpressive and left me with a pretty sour taste during what should have been one of the most exciting times of my life. No more! I was going to get my license and make a promise to myself that I will never offer average service. And so I did just that. I owe a lot of where I am at to my first broker. “World-class, red carpet service” was something he truly believed in and instilled in me. Fast-forward about nine years when we were given the opportunity to bring Engel & Völkers, a European-based real estate brand to the Midwest. It’s real fancy, dontchya-know? In all seriousness, my initial desire to change the perception of what a real estate agent does, along with my fear of being average has brought me to this place. I feel like this is what I was born to do, and to do it for you and our advisors. There it is. My promise to you, and our advisors that work here is that none of you will EVER feel like my efforts, or your experience with us is average. There is no room for average in this industry, or your life. These are some of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Whether you have a real estate license and are joining our group, or you have the desire to make your real estate dreams come true, we will give you our absolute best. Our. Absolute. Best.

Lastly, I have to give a lot of credit for what we are able to provide to my amazing wife Jessica and children, Gianna, Bennett and Donny. We live in Minnetonka, which is where I grew up, and they provide me daily motivation to not waste this life. We only get one, and I am very blessed to spend mine with them. They give me the support I need in my life to try and be a small positive ‘blip’ in yours. Now isn’t that cool?

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